Pokémon Masters Gets A New Animated Trailer, Gameplay Details

The Pokémon Company and DeNA have released a new trailer for the upcoming mobile game Pokémon Masters

The animated trailer shows some really slick animation of 3-vs.-3 battles between different trainers, gym leaders, elite four members and different villains.

“The idea was to create a game play experience where you can befriend not only Pokémon but also trainers to battle along side you,” said Ken Sugimori. “In this way we added new depth to the world of Pokémon.”

Producer Yu Sasaki called the region players will experience Pasio, a massive artificial island where trainers compete in the Pokémon Masters League. Trainers get one Pokémon to battle with, called Sync Pairs, and have to pair up to make a team of three to duel.

The 3-vs.-3 battles requires players to fill a time guage to use moves, with special attacks called Sync Moves. Trainers also get special attacks and stats to help their Pokémon battle.

The video sets the date as Summer 2019, being that it is already summer, we can expect Pokémon Masters to be coming soon.

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