Razer to Shut Down Ouya Digital Store, Ending All Support for the Console

Six years after the Kickstarter console launched, Razer is shutting down online services June 25.

Players who still have funds on their account are encouraged to use them now. “Please note that your account or wallet funds are not permitted to be redeemed for use outside of the Forge TV / OUYA / MadCatz MOJO services, have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash,” according to the Razer FAQ.

Players will keep games they have downloaded but will be unable to download previously purchased titles or purchase new ones.

The FAQ also stated that game developers “may choose to activate the game on another platform.” It might be a stretch to ask for a valid game code on a console that is still being supported but it’s worth a shot.

Razer purchased the Ouya software in 2015, two years after a successful Kickstarter saw the Ouya Inc. company raise more than $8.5 million in donations. Since the purchase the console has ceased production and moved to improving software for Android products.

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