David Eddings, former VP at Gearbox and Voice of Claptrap, Accuses Randy Pitchford of Assult

David Eddings, former VP of business at Gearbox and voice of Borderlands character Claptrap, has accused Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford of assault and underpayment.

The accusation came as a result of Eddings responding to another user asking if he would be reprising his role in Borderlands 3. Eddings said he would not, stating that “for the first time, I insisted on getting paid for my performance and all of a sudden they couldn’t afford me.”

Pitchford the next day claimed that Eddings was offered a “relatively generous offer to reprise the role.” The exact amount is undisclosed but was confirmed to be twice union rates by Pitchford. Eddings turned down the offer.

Pitchford also claimed on May 4 that Eddings is “bitter and disgruntled about having been terminated. He was offered 2x scale, he refused. I don’t want him to do it unless he wants to do it, as motivation affects performance.”

Two days later, Eddings fired back. In a thread on Twitter, Eddings attempted to clarify the situation saying “I was fine moving on after Gearbox. But when my former boss starts mouthing off about various aspects of my employment including ‘how highly compensated’ I was and how ‘generous’ he is, I feel obligated to correct the record.”

“I had a lot of mixed feelings when asked to reprise the role of Claptrap late last year and eventually realized I was willing to put differences aside and do something cool for Borderlands fans with my friends at Gearbox,” he continued.

Eddings then stated that he offered to reprise his role in exchange for past royalties owed plus an apology for an alleged assault at the Marriott Marquis while attending GDC in 2017.

Pitchford has yet to respond to the latest accusation but in a statement to Eurogamer about the assault claim, Gearbox said “Gearbox takes any and all claims of this nature very seriously and we will abstain from commenting on the allegations Dave is making because it is a personnel matter. We appreciate David’s contributions to the Borderlands franchise and have continued to assert we would welcome him back into the mix as the voice of Claptrap and other future opportunities.”

It is unknown at this time if Eddings has filed a police report, and what the situation that lead to the alleged assault was. Pitchford has yet to respond to this newest claim.

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