Sony Gives First Look Into Next-Gen System

Sony has revealed the first details of their upcoming gaming console in an interview with Wired.

In the interview, lead system architect Mark Cerny confirmed that the next console would not be released in 2019, and could not comment on if it would even be called the PlayStation 5.

What he could confirm is game developers already have devkits in their hands and are already experimenting with what the next generation of Sony console will look like.

The console will run off a version of the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen CPU and will include eight cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. The GPU will be a custom version Radeon Navi. Most intriguing is that this GPU will support ray tracing, a lighting technique that simulates how light interacts with a 3D environment. The technique is used primarily in film special effects and has not made it into gaming consoles. Yet.

Cerny went on to state that the console will also include a solid-state drive. The speed of an SSD will decrease load times and rendering speed. To demonstrate this effect, Cerny demoed a little bit of Sony’s recent Spider-Man game. Fast traveling typically takes ~15 seconds on a PS4 Pro. With a solid-state drive, however, the devkit model Cerny was using took less than a second to load.

Also confirmed is that the next-gen system will support physical disks. This is a hotly debated topic in the gaming community as more and more sales move to digital. Cerny confirmed however that gamers get to keep their disks for a generation longer.

Outside of hardware, Cerny confirmed that the new console will be backward compatible with PS4 and PlayStation VR titles. No titles were confirmed, but when asked about the upcoming Kojima title Death Stranding a spokesperson confirmed it will be a PS4 release.

Sony’s next gen console does not have a release date as of this article but with devkits already in developer’s hands, a 2020 release seems likely.

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